Sunday, June 19, 2011

The first rambling

Firstly, I hope all the Fathers had a great day.

This weekend turned out to be decent enough.

On Saturday, I attended my cousin's wedding. I had to get my haircut in the morning, and the woman butchered it. Go figure. I was supposed to ride with my mother and grandmother to the wedding, but confusion got the better of that and we ended up driving ourselves last minute. The wedding was short and sweet, and I saw a lot of my family that I hadn't seen for years. The reception was busy, I didn't even manage to find my cousin to tell her congrats before I left.  I tend to bore easily, and this event really was no exception. I did really enjoy seeing all my family come together for this though.

Afterwards, I had gone over to help my grandfather tow his old school limousine back up to his house. He had planned on driving my cousin and her groom around all day on their wedding in his limousine - similar to the one pictured. He had it worked on the week prior to this event, and it managed to break down at the end of the road he lives on. So he had to walk home in his tuxedo and get another car, and explain why no limousine. Anyway, I pulled his car while he steered it, in reverse. His garage is situated on a hill, so getting this thing in the garage was a task. We towed the car to the top of the hill and tried to get a rolling start into the garage, but the car wouldn't turn sharp enough. We ended up using his ATV to pull it into the garage, burning out the whole way.


  1. Gosh, sounds like an episode and a half! Good thing the bride and groom had a lovely time, as after all it was their day

  2. Always good to meet family every now and again.

  3. Ouch, uphill, that sucks.

  4. Awesome story man. Keep up the awesome posts!